An anti-inflammatory vinaigrette for your tendons

According to the tales of “old housewives” and the assurances of hippies, food does have a supportive role in helping tendon pain resolve itself.

There are famous anti-inflammatory foods that, when combined with a healthier lifestyle and actually doing specific exercises, really, really helps.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge the tendonitis v tendinopathy debate, but even if inflammation isn’t the initial cause of tendon pain, once neo-vascularisation sets in, inflammation will have some sort of role to play.

Often the chemicals found in things like extra virgin olive oil, ginger, garlic and turmeric will calm down the pain-inducing chemical chaos that creates so much havoc in your body.

To be clear, no one will ever stumble into hospital screaming “I’ve been shot, give me a teaspoon full of turmeric for the pain” In that crisis you’d need a strong obvious pain killer , but this handful of “natural stuff” is worthwhile building in to your nutritional habits as report after report identifies they have a positive role to play in good health.

To create somatic pain , especially ongoing chronic pain, lots of “bad” chemicals are produced by the body. Olive oil, turmeric, ginger, black pepper and garlic, all help calm those processes down. I should say that elsewhere I’ll discuss specific tendon supplementation!

I explain the pain mechanism here (In my bath: its a long story) >

Else where I talk about various turmeric tea options. It may work for you. It doesn’t for me! I find putting all these products in stews, casseroles and curries is a useful way of getting them into your system.

Even better, if like me, you are a salad eater, make an anti-inflammatory vinaigrette and sling it on your salad (or beetroot)

I have this mixture daily with as much salad and vegetables as I can manage! Make more salads! Then eat them!

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