Emotions and Food

This is a free course.

The start of 5 days of reflecting on your relationship with food.

According  to science, there are several ways to begin to analyse and fix emotional eating issues. The drills and skills we introduce to you through the week will help you try a few of the different approaches and see which speak to you.

This week is not a weightloss programme.

The outcome for the week is that you think a bit about how, what and why you eat in the way that you do  

Don’t follow this week if you are underweight, or have a serious illness or are pregnant, significantly depressed or demoralised or have significant problems with alcohol, drugs, or self-harm, or if it goes against your doctor’s advice! Life for some can be overwhelming and the most unexpected things can make you feel sad and desperate. If you have unexpected problematic feelings, obviously you chat to me as mental health first aider 07969922831  but it’s good to have the number of the truly excellent Samaritans

116 123

What happens during the week ?

Ideally each day you open a lesson and try to do the tasks. Once you have completed the task, open up the review lesson. Here we explain and discuss why we set these drills and how they connect with emotional eating.

Whether you can do a task, or cannot face it, is super ok.

The aim of the tasks is to get you thinking and feeling about what you can do and what you can cope with. If you can look at issues , themes and yourself with non judgemental curiosity it really helps.

Whether or not you can do a task or if you cannot face it, or it triggers something in you is ok. How you react to a drill is often as revealing as actually doing it.

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At any stage, you can get support by emailing me on Andrew@andrewstemler.com