Fix Your Plantar Fasciitis

This course is based on my clinical experience of fixing Plantar Fasciitis and is solidly evidence based.

It’s essential that you take charge of your own treatment, otherwise you’ll be a victim. The simple act of lying on an experts couch, expecting to be fixed, retards your recovery.

What this course will do is to give you the best, validated drills and skills, within a fool proof system.

You may have tried a stretch, or a strengthening drill. On their own, even the best drills are not super at fixing Plantar Fasciitis (although in isolation, they can work for some lucky people). If you combine them, the effect can seem miraculous.

You need to stretch the effected muscles ( for specific amounts of time) and achieve a certain range of motion. At the same time you need to apply targeted self trigger point therapy and use some MET’s to educate the muscle . You also need to do a highly validated progressive strength regime.

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