DWF: A bank holiday Sunday workout, hum and a push up challenge

A bank holiday Sunday morning WORKOUT

Set out a run between 2 points 10m apart.Make sure you have a stop watch or the ability to time. So, with a constantly running clock, its 3 rounds of

as many shuttle runs in 1 minute
as many squats in 1 minute
as many burpees in 1 minute
as many walking lunges in 1 minute
as much rest as you can get in 1 minute

The Food: Yesterday I was suggesting that most of us stick to pretty much the same type of food, and that you can make these meals into “healthy” options, or at least balance out the macronutrients to a 40/30/30 (carb/fat/protein) ratio and try and keep whats on the plate to a reasonable amount. Avoid gut busters, as you want to get used to eating smaller. (unless you have a “put weight on” goal). As its Sunday you know I’ll be having my 4 block fry up!


An unusual humming activity


I’m starting 60 days of push up training to boost my numbers during workouts. I recently tried a version of Cindy and my results were so shameful I cannot publish them, and whilst everything sucked, the push ups really let me down!

As with all proper physical regimes you must test in to see where you are.

Today’s test is Max PUSH UPS. Do as many as you can do in one go, unbroken. Tomorrow we will have, as many as you can do in 2 minutes with as many rests as you fancy

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