DWF: a fish supper and a kettlebell hell

The workout

Kettlebell Hell.
Day 1 of 3

20 kettlebell swings (American or Russian). 10 snatches left, 10 snatches right, turkish get up 1 left, 1 right.

Amrap 15 minutes. Genuinely awful.

If you are not sure of the moves, get your free kettlebell guide


Food Idea

The DWF isn’t a diet or cooking blog. It just promotes the idea that you can use normal food to be healthy if you use the zone diet proportions of 40/30/30 (carb/protein/fat) and have a moderate food intake.

This fish supper was a lovely 112g of salmon (representing 3 blocks of protein ) and 93g of rice, meaning 3 blocks of carb, plus a pile of stir fry veg. The 3 blocks of fat was “spent” on frying. I turned a blind eye to the soy in the soy sauce

Only problem, I started eating the finished product before I took the promo photo!

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