DWF: a one zone block snack and a rule breach

Todays workout, is in violation of our rules.

We don’t assume that you have access to a pull up bar! But today we stayed in the flat because we have a pull up bar there (with rings on). We wanted to do a version of Cindy. The Crossfit workout of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats. AMRAP in 15 minutes (it should b 20 minutes, but Im 59, so I cut myself some slack now and then.)

Its a useful bench mark,


For food, I want to look at the concept of snacks. Balancing a Zone blocks of 9g carb, 7g protein and 1.5-3g of fat. In my container I’ve put 1 boiled egg (1 block of protein), 3 almonds, 1 block of fat and what will be half an apple ( 1 block of carbs.)


A one Block zone snack

It’s a real bind getting hold of easy to pick up protein. Refined carb you can buy anywhere. For protein, you need to plan, and probably have access to a fridge


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