DWF a useful 2-3 block breakfast, and , its a rest day

In promoting the DWF, (daily workout and food) we follow the classic Crossfit 3 day on 1 day off. We work in a car park with just a dumbbell a kettlebell and a skipping room. In the square next door, we have access to some benches that we can step up onto or jump on.

If you follow this series, you’ll get some good “train anywhere ideas”, and some disgusting workouts.

To be all round fit you need to add sessions that have you hanging off a bar and using bigger weights.If you are in London, you may want to sign up at Crossfit London to access their powerlifting, olympic lifting, Metcon, Crossfit , mobility and gymnastics classes!

For now, its better than jogging around the block!

For todays food, we do like our mini breakfast omelette. Fry up some onions and peppers whisk up some eggs, maybe chuck some herbs in. Kate demands a Zone block of ham and cheese. For 2 people they get 3 blocks of protein, each ( 2 eggs, 1/2 of the cheese and ham). Fry them up and serve with a slice of bread or toast.

You will notice we keep on mentioning the zone diet. Its great, but not very well described. Here is the article that we use most of the time. I’ll try and do a better explanation in the near future. For now, down load it for free.

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