DWF: Cindy, toast and a nostril check

The workout.

Today is ” half cindy” day . That’s 10 minutes ( normally 20 minutes) of 5 pull ups (or ring rows) 10 push ups, 15 squats

The Food

i’d like to talk about my bad daily toast habit. On the whole, refined carb in any sort of quantity is to be treated with caution, but in your religious zeal to caste out all sin, life can pretty quickly become unbearable!

My breakfast always has a slice of bread in it, and my evening meal will often have a modest amount of potato, rice or spaghetti.

I totally understand that I should switch this refined carb for a pile of delicious fresh broccoli, or a crunchy apple, but if I did that, I would literally go mad. In the early stages of weight management retaining the food that keeps you sane, whilst moderating portion size, can keep you on track. However, some cannot touch a particular food without going mad and stuffing loads down. You need to decide what you can control, and what you cannot!

The breathing drill

You’ve been practicing breathing in through your nose, but are you using both nostrils. I did this drill and was shocked to find that one nostril wasn’t having any of it!

Its a simple “breath in for 5, out for 5”, but alternate nostrils, covering the other one up as you go.


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