DWF: Doing Annie. Are you a sugar smuggler?

The fitness:

The Crossfit workout Annie

50-40-30-20-10 double-unders. 50-40-30-20-10 abmat sit-ups.

The food.

Ask yourself, are you a sugar smuggler?

There is a weight loss joke, or quip that basically says, sure I can do this diet, its “just” eating between those meals thats the issue!

I love a cup of coffee. To be more specific, I love a cup of coffee with sugar, and milk in. In other words, I use coffee to smuggle a few extra portions of sugar into my sugar addicted system.

On the zone diet, ideally you should balance 9g of carb, with 7g of protein and 1.5-3g of fat. Most of the meals you see in the DWF try and do this. This 9/7/1.5(3)g, once you multiply by calories, and take into account the fact that very few foods are purely one type of macronutrient, normally ends up as 40% carb, 30% 30% fat,

This gives you: a moderate amount of Carb, supplies the body’s essential need for fat and protein, and makes you feel fuller.

Carb on its own can spike blood sugar and plays around with your endocrine system . We will talk about insulin and stuff like cortisol as the weeks go by. For now, it’s enough for you to acknowledge that carb does give you a bit of a high or buzz, or can certainly make you want more of it. Most of us know what a carb crash feels like ( that mid afternoon slump).

I use coffee and tea to smuggle spoonfuls of sugar into my gob! From now on, my task is to bring this drink into my block allocation, and combine it with protein and fat. From the photo above, you’ll see that 1 spoonful of sugar, need an egg and 3 almonds to make it a complete snack, or a block.

Im not suggesting that you shove this into your mouth at the same time. eat the egg, drink the coffee, have the nuts.

Get your head around the zone, even though its not super well written. Download the free Crossfit zone guide

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