DWF: ring rows and pull ups in a car park.

Todays Daily workout and Food starts with a dinner

Most traditional meals can be made to be healthy by simply making sure that the amounts you have are moderate, and that Ideally you balance the macronutrient contents to roughly 40/30/30 (car, protein, fat).

We have been talking about keeping a food diary, so todays super big weight management hint is “keep a food diary”

The workout

Our workout today was boosted by the addition of rings, meaning kate could ring row and I can pull up. Why I didn’t workout that I could do this before is a testament to my stupidity.

Kate says my stupidity is one of more endearing characteristics.

WE shared a set of rings with kate using one for a ring row and i used 1 for a pull up. I should say that you really ought to have two rings each. It looped quite well around this sturdy metal fence

Kates ring row station

The remaining ring, I hung above the door. WARNING: you should really have 2 rings a person!

A single ring to pull up on, but 2 is better and advised

Today, the workout was 1 thruster, 1 pull up, 2 thrusters, 2 pull up ladder. A high as you can get in 10 minutes

Ad a special treat, I thought Id share this free ancient ebook about using rings to train.



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