DWF: Snatches and box jumps, Belly breathing and a food diary nag.

For todays workout you have a video to watch. Allegedly it’s easier to watch a video than read. For those of you who still prefer the written word, it’s a ladder of dumbbell snatches 2,4,6,8 to 20 with 10 box jumps between each level. You can step up if you don’t like jumping.


Today’s breathing exercise is to revisit belly breathing, this time, while seated!


Ive been hinting that a healthy diet that’s pro weight management does not have to be the most varied and diverse ever. Looked at from a 7 or 10 day perspective, you’ll see the same type of meals popping up.

Obviously, if you are a supper cook and you can easily create and know a wide diversity of food, off you go. Most people operate within a smaller range.

Identify your go to regular meals. These will anchor your weight management as they are familiar to you, you know how to make them and, presumably you like them.

Ideally you need to really understand your regular meals, know their measurements and how many calories ( blocks if you are on The Zone Diet) are in it .

You also need to revisit on a regular basis the measurements. Pretty much the moment “you know” what a portion looks like and you “eyeball” your portion size, is the same time you start over estimating it.

This is one of my regular breakfast snacks, I know its 40g bread, 42g ham, 28g cheese, 2 spoons of avocado, tiny bit of butter. Even so, I regularly weigh out the proportions. Sounds like a hassle. It is in the early stage. After a while it’s simply.”what you do”.

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