DWF: the 4 day cycle. 3 workouts, diet mechanisms and fibre

Ive had a chat with some of my followers, all of whom have said they would prefer to get the DWF’s in their 4 days blocks, so people can see in advance whats coming next.

so I’ll publish this series on the rest day. In each post you’ll get 3 workouts, and a food hint.

For those who want to follow it day by day, I’ll still post clips to my stories on instagram

This cycle:

Day 1 Workout.

Sprints and burpees

Sprints and burpees ( with an optional weighted vest). I should say that a “sprint” is probably more accurately used to describe runs of less than 30 seconds, so, I really mean run for a minute as fast as you can. I think, on reflection, I’d skip the weighted vest. You feel it in your lower back if you let your core slip

Day 2 Workout

Pull ups

Theres no video for this as it was a simple pull up ladder. One pull up in minute 1 ( rest the rest of the minute) 2 in minute 2 (rest the rest of the minute), etc. Stop when you cannot complete the required amount of pull ups in the allocated minute. I suppose you can do ring rows. You can do them as singles and mix your grip or kip. If you kip, I’d try and do the early sets as strict

Day 3 Workout

A set of Tabata squats


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For dieters of the world who think their special diet has a super secret metabolic trick, here are the common diets and how they work.

Low CarbEat foods rich in Protein and fat. Eat minimal CarbsBy creating a caloric deficit
KetogenicEat mostly protein and fatBy creating a caloric deficit
Low fatEat mainly fats and carb. Avoid protein.By creating a caloric deficit
Intermittent fastingOnly eat in a time specific windowBy creating a caloric deficit
Weight watchersA point based system to help portion controlBy creating a caloric deficit
PaleoEat natural unprocessed “paleolithic” foodBy creating a caloric deficit
Its the calorific deficit, stupid!


Many diets can play havoc with your bowels so it’s always a very good idea to pack in enough fibre to keep you regular. Here is my daily porridge plus oat bran and pysllium fibre bomb!

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