DWF:A chicken dinner and a rest day.


The aim of this series is to inspire the non cooks among you. To roast a chicken , shove it in the oven for about an hour. Buy a cheap meat thermometer, make sure it’s 70 degree, then simply weigh out a zone proportion ( 112g of chicken will give you 4 blocks according to the Zone diet)

Shove it on a plate with a pile of veg, and 3 blocks of potato. You probably want to add a side pile of almonds say 3 per block, so thats 12 almonds to put some good fat into your system. I’d have this “on the side”. Currently I tend to put 3 blocks of carb on the plate. This is one carb block short of the proper zone, as I’ll always sneak in a cup of tea/coffee with sugar in, so I tweak the bigger meals to make allowances

if its all too confusing, think that your meals should be modest ( although God knows what some will make of that) and each should have a balance of protein , fat and carb


Its rest day, but stay active.

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