Epiphany, conversion, or resignation

During my life, I’ve had lots of dramatic changes, Drinking too much, to drinking very little, smoking 100 cigaretes a day, to stopping totally, being sedentary and inactive, to becoming active and fit.  Ive changed career  many times. Whilst there was a day on which the big event happened, it was never an epiphany, or a conversion. It was simply resignation.

Little is to be achieved by histrionic  pledges. We all know that new years resolutions are not worth the dime. Many of us have seen the over enthusiastic conversion, and then lapse of the drunk or druggie. Its easy to whip a roomful of the overweight into pledging to eat healthily. Its rarely successful. Self pressure sales techniques are interesting. A pressure salesman may  flog you some rubbish ( shares, windows… what ever) ,but their aim is just to get your signature: if you join a gym, buy rubbish shares, you don’t have to do anything… just pay. Real changes that you have to make need to be grounded in something more than sales tricks.

In my experience, effecting change, is a long term process that needs experimentation, practise and a “terrorise the habit” process.

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