Get rid of your "slumping place"

Everyone has a happy place: part of your mind that you can go to when you are happy.
Some naughty children have a naughty step: where they are sent to “reflect” after being naughty.
Smokers have  a smoking place.
As someone with repeating back pain ( assuming its not a red flag or something more serious) I can pretty much guarantee that you have a “slumping place”
Its where you sneak off to and slump. The (normally) soft  cushions allow you to collapse your back, for hours as you watch TV or read or surf the internet.  In many cases the cushions have become moulded to  the  flexion based spinal curve that will make your back ache.
You feel it as you lie there ( slump/sit there). You know its bad for you, but, it feels so good.
Here is a picture of my slump place. I try to avoid it like the plague. I try and sit   on my wooden seat if i can , or if I want a nap or a lie down, the hard floor with appropriate lumbar support, but, BUT, if I want to guarantee to make my back hurt, this is where I will slump.

my slumping space
My Slumping Place

It used to be one of those reclining seats…. now its this sofa type thing
Maybe like me, you cannot actually throw it out: so be it, Learn to avoid it.
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