Go barefoot once a week

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there is mounting evidence of a therapeutic connection between you, the earth and for that matter the elements in general. For years the Earthing Institute has suggested that you can become healthier by properly and directly connecting yourself to the earth. In other words, walk around barefoot on the earth.

Obviously its a nasty, commercial world so there is a whole bundle of stuff you can now buy to “earth” yourself without jogging around the park barefoot, but being me, I’m suggesting to many of my clients that jogging (or a bit of circuit work) around the park barefoot, at least once a week, is a good thing.

From the seeming explosion of fungal nails, athletes’ feet, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendinopathy, it seems as if it’s a really good idea to get your feet out into the fresh air and sunlight if you possibly can.

Equally, wearing sandals should be firmly on the agenda for most people where possible: maybe not practical on building sites, in a warzone, or in a policing situation.

The plea is to make at least one of your training sessions barefoot

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