Day 2 Review

todays video overview and supporting  info below

  1.  According to binge eating expert Fairburn,  a dysfunctional body image  can drive  poor eating behaviours. Longer term this could indicate that you need to widen both how you see yourself and possibly how you spend your time!
  2. This builds on Fletcher’s work , can you “switch it around”. Change is rarely limited to just one thing. A cascade of minor tweaks can help set up a new agenda
  3. According to Julie Simon in  “When food is comfort” many of us have lost connectivity with our emotions: in simple terms emotions are our primeval way of  communicating. We attempt to ignore these at our peril

Spectrum of Emotional Intensity

Reference:  Stanley E Widen the Window,  Hodder and Stoughton 2019

Categorical EmotionRange of emotion from mild to intense
HappinessContented, satisfied,glad,happy, thrilled, ecstatic
sadnessDisappointed,disheartened,sad,depressed, devastated
angerImpatient, irritated, annoyed, angy, furious, enraged
surpriseBaffled, startled, surprised, shocked, stunned
fearUneasy, anxious,afraid, panicked, terrified
shame/disgust with selfSelf conscious, embarrassed, ashamed, mortified,humiliated
Contempt disgust with othersDisapproving, disdainful,disgusted, antagonistic, hostile.


Apart from regular snacks, eating foods that release their energy slowly into your body helps manage blood sugar.  Vegetables jump to  mind, but anything that requires the digestive system to work. I was dragged to health food shops in the 70’s so its beans, salads, brown rice, crusty nutty bread ( with “nowt taken out”)E) the Seated meditation thing. Please practice this again! I need to know you can “get safe”. I”ll need you to “own this” for the day 4 drill!