Day 2 tasks


  1. list the things that are important to you in how you evaluate or judge yourself as a person!

As this can be tricky, here is what i wrote about myself 

Work, continuing education,  physique, physical ability, martial ability, health, my relationship with kate, my clients , my next level curiosity, helping people/St john. Wealth. Solitude and performance.  Teaching 

If it helps you understand my answers, I don’t have stand alone friends: people who I’m friendly with are work colleagues, people who I meet  when helping them or other researchers and clients. I hated my family. I love my own company, equally I like presenting and teaching. My relationship with kate is crucial

By comparison, A  client I met a few years ago did this exercise: she  simply wrote  “ my weight” 

 So what’s important to you?


Don’t watch tv or radio, or check social media , or a particular social media all day!


Each day for the next 3 days do 2 (different) tasks from this  list

Newspaper: change it or stop buying one, or buy one

Magazine, buy a different one or buy one

Radio,  change channels

Food try something different (albeit you spit it out! So a taste is fine, )

go somewhere different, or choose different route

(if it wasn’t covid times, id say, Public meeting ; get to any meeting

Sport, try anything.

Paint or draw or pencil or pen…

Watch a live sport event (includes kids playing football/basketball in the park)

Charity work

Domestic chore , something new, or if you are house proud leave dishes in the sink till later or dont make your bed, if you normally do 

Read something you wouldn’t normally ( trash magazine?)

Write a story

Exercise if you normally dont

Contact a long lost friend

Shop somewhere different

Shift. Sit somewhere different

Improve your spelling ( get 4 words you struggle with  and  learn the correct spelling

Broken friendship ; move to repair or apologise

Ride a bike, skateboard, roller skate (please don’t crack your head open)

Play a kids game

Learn to meditate

Pot a plant

C)  Make a list of emotions ! They can be ones you feel, or one that you know of (or a list sneakily downloaded from the internet!!)

D)  see if you can add “slow-releasing foods “  to your 6 times a day. ( things like whole grains, oats, vegetables, beans, brown rice, etc)
E) Practice that meditation exercise again today. Here is a reminder
it’s only a couple of minutes