Day 3 tasks

  1. Take a body measurement: the obvious measurement is to weigh yourself if you can. If not, choose another measurement  ( thigh, upper arm, waist or wrist.), or use a clothing size
  1. Sit down and write for 5 minutes . It can be total nonsense, feelings, thoughts, that novel you  always wanted to write, that abusive letter…  ideally pen(pencil) on paper
  2. Watch the video, do the drill. Introducing my good friend Steve Blower who takes you through the start of a self discovery NLP drill
  1. eat a bit of protein with each of your snacks

Protein, as in meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, pulses, tofu, quinoa, nuts and soya – plays a major part in regulating blood sugar, because it is  digested slowly. A useful list of normal proteins can be found here  & Veggie protein here

e) 2 different things from yesterday’s list ( that weird one about  trying new things)