Day 5 summary of the course

Whilst I have only covered 5-8% of the available drills and tricks to sort out emotional eating, you now have a good range of skills and ideas to be able to affect the negative aspects of your relationship with food.

You know to eat 6 times a day or regularly and often. Try and include slow release foods and protein,  take a glass of water with some  lemon/lime juice before meals. You now know to develop your behavioural flexibility. Try new things, often. When lock down ends, build new relationships, try out new classes, Making your life richer and more diverse helps you counteract  any poor body image you may have.

You may see the value of writing your thoughts and reflections. Getting rebounding thoughts out of your brain and onto paper can really help.

You have discovered a fun food diary; Make this a habit, spot when emotions are driving your food. Understand your hunger.

You know to use the ground and release drill to discharge stress when you feel it. You know to spot the physical expressions of stress.

During the week we really only touched on emotions. We hinted at what NLP could do for you. We showed you first step entry drills, there is a lot more to learn!

If you would like to continue diving into your emotional/food/stress issues, please drop me an email and we will chat through the options.
I hope you enjoyed the week and learned something useful. Thanks to Steve and Kiran for their amazing input!