Pull-ups: ring row

The ring row can be invaluable in building strict pull up strength, but only if used properlyt.

You’ll often see it set as a pull up alternative in metabolic conditioning and functional fitness classes.

During this course, I suggest you make your ring rows so tough that you can only do between 3 and 5 reps. The specific description will be, if i set you 3 ring rows to do , you choose a difficulty level where you think, with some luck, you could have done 4 reps, but you are super glad you only had to do 3. once you have 3-5 strict pull-ups we will build some endurance. For now, to get those first early ones, its really just about strength.

You will see from this video, how to increase the difficulty of the ring row. basically you move your feet forward to increase the difficulty.

There are 2 tricks.

  1. maintain the dish (or hollow hold, or dead hamster )shape. keep your core tight, squeeze your ass cheeks together
  2. pull the rings, or your thumbs to the bottom of your rib cage. you’ll be doing these in the 3-5 repetition range, so make everyone count
The ring row