Taping for your Achilles

Taping has become very popular. It’s easy to self apply and not too expensive to buy. If you are hobbling around, as it’s so inexpensive, you would be silly not to give it a try.

If you google “buy rock tape” you’ll have loads of choice. I tend to buy my stock direct. Here is a link https://www.rocktape.co.uk/product-category/kinesiology-tape/5cm-x-5m-standard-rolls/

Anyway, how to apply it! You’ll need the tape, some sharp scissors, and I’d suggest a clean, and dry area to stick it on

I don’t see taping as a cure . it does help with pain management

How long it stays on for can be a bit of an issue. Ive had some stay on for 4 days, or roll off in 4 hours. I cannot really account for the time difference.