The stretch you are going to start with

To ease you into this, I’m going to get you to start with this basic “pushing the tree over” stretch.

Im starting here because you probably know this and you can do it any where. Get into a lunge with your hands against the tree (wall, wardrobe) and make sure your back leg is straight. You want to drive the back foot into the ground

apologies if you get that, but to be clear

So, you are on the road, see how long you can hold this stretch for. See if you can move it along a bit. Long term you want to be aiming for 3 minutes, 3 times a day, In those first 30 days, you are simply getting used to the stretch, but you will find you can go further and that your ankle wall test improves.

Whilst I’m trying to increase your range of motion you will also find that stretching helps switching off the pain.

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