pain and dysfunction

I see a lot of people in muscular pain. I treat and help lots of people with muscular pain .

The reality is that there are lots of things you can do to ease pain and promote recovery or at the least , stop it getting worse .

What I have noticed is that people who take an active role in their recovery , get better soon .

Here are some questions for you

1) Have you gently moved the painful part . Years ago painful wrists and ankles were plastered up . Today, you need to get it moving . So , get it moving . Wiggle that toe. cautiously circle your wrist .

2) Have you rubbed it ? Rubbing , massaging kneading sore muscles helps . Try it

3) Have you gently stretched it . It helps . A lot ,

4) Heat and ice . Painful parts respond very well to ice ( in a plastic bag or a kool pack ) and heat ( normally by a wheat sack ) .

5) BLG: or basic lifestyle guidelines ! Are you eating well , do you get some sleep , are you avoiding alcohol are you moderating stress ? It all helps

6) Positive attitude . Recovery very much depends on your positive attitude . Get a positive attitude !

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