This is one of several attempts at simple Autoregulation.

I first came across the system in Mel Siff’s book Super Training (page 259). It’s described as a variant of the DeLorme system and was popularised by Knight when it was known as DAPRE (“Daily adjustable Progressive resistance exercise”).

To perform this strength system, you basically need the following two tables

Table 1 explains the system, and table 2 gives you the adjustments you need to make for set 4

Table 1THE ARPE routine for 3RM
16 reps at 50% 3RM
23 reps at 75% 3RM
33 reps to failure at 3RM
4Adjust reps to failure (Refer to next chart. Table 2)
Table 2 3RM adjustment routine
Reps achieved in set 3
1-2Decrease 5-10lb (2.5-5kg)
5-6Increase +5-10lbs (2.5-5kg)
7+Increase +10-15lbs (5-7.5kg)

The basic setup is:

Assuming that the trainee knows the move, do an appropriate warm-up for the move.

Then a) perform a light set of 6 reps at 50 percent of the RM, b) a second set with 3 reps at 75 percent of the RM, and c) a third set with repetitions to failure at 90% RM. d) The fourth (and to be clear the final) set is adjusted based on the third set. They are performed to failure again, which sets the 3 RM for the following week.

According to Mike Mann “The APRE3 is best suited for developing strength and power. Using greater than 90 percent of a 1RM causes recruitment of high threshold motor units and results in the greatest number of neurological adaptations (National Strength & Conditioning Association, 2000; Kurz, 2001; Siff, 2000; Zatsiorsky, 1995). These neurological adaptations lead to great increases in strength.”

The move needs to be performed well, so only count proper reps; stop if you feel you cannot do the next rep perfectly.

Deload after 4 weeks.

There is an APRE 6 and APRE 10.

One of the biggest criticisms of the system is the large jumps, so Justin Guy offers this amendment:

 “In table 1 you see that the athlete goes from 50% to 75% to 92% for APRE3. An athlete with a 400 lb deadlift would lift 184 lbs for 6 reps for the first set, 276 lbs for 3 reps for their second set, and 368 lbs for their third set. I did not care for these big jumps, so I would make the first set of 6 reps at 50% (200 lbs), the second set of 3 reps at 70% (280 lbs), the third set of 1 rep at 77% (308 lbs), and the first max out set at 85% (340 lbs) for the first week. These jumps are more manageable for most athletes than making 100 lbs jumps each set”


Mel Siff Super Training. Pub super training institute 2004

APRE by Mike Mann PDF (attached)

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