What are the main running related muscoskeletal injuries?

In 2012 Lopes et al studied running-related musculoskeletal injuries (RRMIs). This was a desk top survey so they looked at previous reports, rather than real people (it’s ok! its a “thing”)

A total of 28 RRMIs were found and the main general RRMIs were medial tibial stress syndrome (incidence ranging from 13.6% to 20.0%; prevalence of 9.5%), Achilles tendinopathy (incidence ranging from 9.1% to 10.9%; prevalence ranging from 6.2% to 9.5%) and plantar fasciitis (incidence ranging from 4.5% to 10.0%;

In ultra marathons  Achilles tendinopathy (prevalence ranging from 2.0% to 18.5%) and patellofemoral syndrome (prevalence ranging from 7.4% to 15.6%).

If like me, you get confused by prevalence and incidence, voila, some more information

1. Prevalence

Prevalence measures the proportion of individuals in a defined population that have a disease or other health outcomes of interest at a specified point in time (point prevalence) or during a specified period of time (period prevalence).

2. Incidence

In contrast to prevalence, incidence is a measure of the number of new cases of a disease (or other health outcome of interest) that develops in a population at risk during a specified time period.

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What are the main running related muscoskeletal injuries ?
lopes, A.D., Hespanhol, L.C., Yeung, S.S. et al. Sports Med (2012) 42: 891. https://doi.org/10.1007/BF03262301

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