Where can you get Collagen from?

Collagen is super crucial if you want to fix your tendon pain ( be it Plantar fasciitis, achilles Tendinopathy, tennis or golfers elbow or patello-femoral pain) . Here is where to get collagen from both by making it at home or selecting the right foods, plus a few supplement suppliers

There are really only 4 natural places to get collagen from.

NUMBER 1: Bone broth:

Brewing up a bone broth also gives you  “lots of collagen, calcium and phosphorous from the bones, but you also get, magnesium, glucosamine, chondroitin, amino acids, glycosaminoglycans, and proteoglycans” (Reference).

NUMBER 2:Organ meats

Highly prized among ancient hunters, we now ignore organ meat (heart, liver, kidneys). Why don’t we eat Nose Cartilage, Ear, Cartilage, Skin, Bone, Joint Material, Esophagus, Lung, and the ingestines?

I was going to say, you like me, probably have no idea how to cook any of those, but I do make a nice pork scratching!  

NUMBER 3: Meat on the bone, or any whole things, like prawns and shrimps are good for collagen

NUMBER 4: Egg Membrane

There is a specific bit of an egg that is super good for collagen and you often throw it away!

Here is how to get it

This was my first time!!

Obviously these animal sources can be mushed up into powder or liquid and taken as a gym supplement.

I have a pack of collagen powder around that I got from Myprotein, although I get most of my protein from bone stock, prawns, pork scratching

Vegan collagen.

There are no natural non-animal sources of collagen,

Collagen really is a meat thing, but, we have great scientists who can genetically modify stuff, so here is this

Personally, I wouldn’t touch it, but for the sake of completeness.

Do remember you need a slug of vitamin C so your body can use the collagen

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