Why does your leg hurt again?

There are hundreds and thousands of therapists and trainers, that, when confronted with your hurting hamstring or your terrorised tendon will simply dive in and rub that bit! Maybe they will give you a specific stretch and maybe a reassuring “There there, therapist kiss it better”

The reality is that your body is a global system and highly interrelated. Leg issues can be caused by core issues, how you chew your food can screw your knee!

This is why it’s always critical to have a basic core and mobility regime in play. Just whizzing through some dislocations, some banded shoulder work, some side planks, some glute bridges, monster walks and some specific stretches and hangs, most days, is crucial for general well being and it supports the work you’ll do to fix those specific problems that crop up.

This report is really useful for reminding us that a poor core and poor balance can really muck things up. “The influence of changes in trunk and pelvic posture during single leg standing on hip and thigh muscle activation in a pain free population”

Just incase you say to yourself that you are never stupid enough to stand on one leg, every time you walk or run, you pass through a single leg phase, as you do when you walk up the stairs! If your collapsing core expresses itself in your lower joints, thats a lot of strain!

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