5 solutions to gaining control of your back pain

AsI discuss here, it’s possible to allow back pain to swamp you. Here are the 5 things that successful back pain managers do.
They carefully return to  exercise.
People who exercise (effectively) are simply  better at managing pain. Ideally you build in things that you like to do, but nothing takes away from the fact that motion is lotion. Your recovery and escape starts and ends with physical activity.
It’s almost a  simple as that. You need to know how to have an effective activity regime that builds in  effective stretching, “smashing”,  education ( careful attention to movement performance) and then Strengthening (SSES for short).
That said, even getting those early short distance walks, sometimes with a helper,  can really make your recovery. Sometimes a bit of gardening can get you moving
Goal setting to avoid the Over activity rest trap.
As discussed here, sometimes you cram lots of work in when you are pain free: you do too much and collapse: each cycle, you get worse. If you can substitute  “going mad”  with modest goal setting, with sensible steps, long term you’ll really improve and conquer pain
They seek out new fun things
If you become bored you will make things awful. If you lock yourself away with your pain it will escalate out of control. Find and remember those enjoyable things: look at new hobbies, learn a language, dance , garden have some fun!
Learn some stress busters
Learn how to relax. As much as it sounds like tree hugging hippy nonsense, some breathing and relaxation exercises, getting outside to suck up some vitamin D, and Earthing yourself can really help.
Accept you need to help yourself
The faster you can stop obsessing about miracle cures, getting more pain killers, hanging on for that new clinical trial, the faster you will practically take the steps you need to recover:

The big warning.
Some back pain is really serious: check your RED FLAGS by clicking hereĀ 

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