To boost your fitness you need a personal trainer who can support you and your goals.

To be specific I’d say:

You need a trainer with maturity and experience.

I’m 59 and have over 20 years of training experience in the fitness industry. I’ve been around the block so many times that I know what works and what is nonsense.

You need a trainer with skills.

Being told to jog on a treadmill and do a few push ups, or a bicep curl does not deliver the fitness you need. To become genuinely fit you need to build a skill set.

For over 20 years I’ve taught and coached “basic fitness”,  boxing, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting , gymnastics and postural/therapeutic training.

You need a trainer who can actually teach.

Teaching is my passion.  Whilst I have all the normal fitness “instructor” qualifications, I also have proper adult teaching qualifications, including Level 5  qualification in English as a foreign language and I teach regular public classes and events.

You need a trainer who can help with an injury.

Apart from being a physical trainer, I’m also a  Level 5  sport massage therapist so I tend to spot things that need tweaking early so we can get them fixed. I can also “cup” and apply medical acupuncture and Im also  “rock doc”.

I also spent a long time with a health department delivering GP referral sessions, so I can help if you have medical conditions as long as we can include your doctor/ support workers in the process.

You need a trainer who is bothered about people.

I’m genuinely bothered about people. The fact that I’m fairly old means that I know how crucial to physical and mental health having a supportive caring trainer is.  On top of my work in Fitness, I’m an advanced first aider with a leading first aid charity so I’m always volunteering at events which really means I’m always trying to help people.

You need a trainer who is useful in a crisis.

Too many trainers have little to no first aid ability. As an advanced first aider. I’m really useful to have around if things go wrong.

You need a trainer who is reasonably priced

I charge £40 an hour  if we train in the park, but I can run sessions from gyms a few minutes from Blackfriars district line tube (EC4)  station or from Bethnal Green Tube station in E2. If you are happy with the extra fee they will charge (£15). I work extensively online too!

If you want to organise to meet up and/or chat, or jump straight into a session, do drop me an email on

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