Where can you get Collagen from?

Collagen is super crucial if you want to fix your tendon pain ( be it Plantar fasciitis, achilles Tendinopathy, tennis or golfers elbow or patello-femoral pain) . Here is where to get collagen from both by making it at home or selecting the right foods, plus a few supplement suppliers

There are really only 4 natural places to get collagen from.

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The stuff tendons put up with!

If you have tendon pain, the chances are you don’t really understand the concepts of load and capacity. Nature offers a smorgasboard of stresses and pressures to help you screw up your tendons. I think someone once said suffering is good for the soul, and tendons believed them . Tensile, compressive, and shearing loads can get a tendon pain party well and truly on the way!

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An anti-inflammatory vinaigrette for your tendons

According to the tales of “old housewives” and the assurances of hippies, food does have a supportive role in helping tendon pain resolve itself.

There are famous anti-inflammatory foods that, when combined with a healthier lifestyle and actually doing specific exercises, really, really helps.

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