To boost your fitness you need a personal trainer who can support you and your goals.

Feel like your injury impacts your daily life?

No matter how great your exercise regime is, it’s easy to tweak strain or  pull muscles, doing the most inoxious things.

I have a range of solutions ranging from icing, to heat, cupping, medical acupuncture, rock tape, specific stretching technique, skin rolling, and electrical stimulation, trigger point therapy plus I can find a version you can use on yourself.

Apart from being a physical trainer, I’m also a  Level 5  sport massage therapist so I tend to spot things that need tweaking early so we can get them fixed. I can also “cup” and apply medical acupuncture and Im also  “rock doc”.

I also spent a long time with a health department delivering GP referral sessions, so I can help if you have medical conditions as long as we can include your doctor/ support workers in the process.

You need a trainer who is bothered about people.

I’m genuinely bothered about people. The fact that I’m fairly old means that I know how crucial to physical and mental health having a supportive caring trainer is.  On top of my work in Fitness, I’m an advanced first aider with a leading first aid charity so I’m always volunteering at events which really means I’m always trying to help people.

You need a trainer who is useful in a crisis.

Too many trainers have little to no first aid ability. As an advanced first aider. I’m really useful to have around if things go wrong.

You need a trainer who is reasonably priced

I charge £40 an hour  if we train in the park, but I can run sessions from gyms a few minutes from Blackfriars district line tube (EC4)  station or from Bethnal Green Tube station in E2 if you are happy with the extra fee they will charge (£15)

If you want to organise to meet up and chat, or jump straight into a session, do drop me an email on

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