DWF: A bank holiday Sunday workout, hum and a push up challenge

A bank holiday Sunday morning WORKOUT

Set out a run between 2 points 10m apart.Make sure you have a stop watch or the ability to time. So, with a constantly running clock, its 3 rounds of

as many shuttle runs in 1 minute
as many squats in 1 minute
as many burpees in 1 minute
as many walking lunges in 1 minute
as much rest as you can get in 1 minute

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DWF: A lovely workout, too much curry and a nose job.

A cute little workout: 10 dumbbell snatches left, 10 right, 1 turkish get up L, 1 turkish get up R, 10 toes to bar. Amrap 12 minutes. I discovered I could use the door frame of the security gate. which added a few interesting challenges. The square shape gave my fingers and hand a “novel grip experience” and because there are bars coming off it, you have to control where your fingers go, otherwise you can smash them up.

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DWF: a food diary and a workout with anything you can scramble over

Ive been randomly showing you fairly balanced meals over the last month, just to show you that you can take fairly normal food and put it into quantities and rough ratios that are metabolically good for you you. Your system doesn’t really like being bathed in carb. It wants some, but probably not enough to match your current lust for cakes and donuts!

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