Save your life: build an exercise habit: next challenge starts 28th September

Pretty much everyone I know can produce a good list as to why you should exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

The benefits of regular exercise are frankly beyond doubt for most people*

You know you should exercise and you probably know how , either at a basic, or a super advanced level.

The issue is that you wont or can’t.

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DWF: A bank holiday Sunday workout, hum and a push up challenge

A bank holiday Sunday morning WORKOUT

Set out a run between 2 points 10m apart.Make sure you have a stop watch or the ability to time. So, with a constantly running clock, its 3 rounds of

as many shuttle runs in 1 minute
as many squats in 1 minute
as many burpees in 1 minute
as many walking lunges in 1 minute
as much rest as you can get in 1 minute

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DWF: A lovely workout, too much curry and a nose job.

A cute little workout: 10 dumbbell snatches left, 10 right, 1 turkish get up L, 1 turkish get up R, 10 toes to bar. Amrap 12 minutes. I discovered I could use the door frame of the security gate. which added a few interesting challenges. The square shape gave my fingers and hand a “novel grip experience” and because there are bars coming off it, you have to control where your fingers go, otherwise you can smash them up.

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