DWF: a cup , a DIY burger, a breathing technique and a weighted stair climb

If I were you, I’d buy a cheap burger maker, one that you push mince into and it creates a burger shape. My burger maker takes 112g of mince which means its a nice 4 block burger

Genuine artisan burgers

Kate tells me I should knock on the neighbours doors and sell them for ten quid!

A special shout out to the “sugar smugglers” like me who have to have tea and coffee sweetened with sugar. The chances are, like me, you’ve been using a mug. A quick home survey showed me that most mugs can hold 2-3 times the amount of liquid an old fashioned cup can have.

Guess what, if you need a spoonful of sugar to sweeten a mug of coffee, a cup will take half to a third of that amount. Start using a cup!


the real reason why you do a food diary is
1) It acts as a break. It can give you thinking time to ask if you really want the food
2) It helps you “disassociate” yourself from whats happening. In. a few days, you’ll start analysing your diary and you’ll be spotting lots of trends and patterns and things you can fix;

MY DIARY (From Saturday 22/8)

To day I under ate as Im looking at a specific weight target: so I normally don’t eat this little. As I mentioned above, I’m now using a cup (rather than a mug) so my sugar intake has dropped. Having just a (sugary) tea or coffee on its own, isn’t good practice.It should be combined with protein and fat unless its just sugarless fluid. Whats important is that after a few sessions of recording and self weighing, you get to know what what a specific intake does to your weight so you can gain, maintain or loose as you choose

1 coffee at 7.30am

2 block meal at 10am (toast, avocado, ham cheese)

1 coffee at 12.20

1 block of salami and nuts

14.30 tea

15.55 coffee

17.45 4 block meal ( lovely curry plus rice)

19.30 small 1 block salad

20.30 tea


Now onto breathing: Breathing is becoming a hot topic these days. Thankfully, Ive been playing with breathing techniques for most of my life so I probably know them all, So, for the next few weeks, I’ll drop in a few breathing technique for you so you can:
a) do it
b) bore all your friends with how trendy you are

Let me name drop. Lets start with a Buteyko breathing technique

Dr. Buteyko developed a test to measure depth of breathing and consequent retention of carbon dioxide, resultant oxygenation and health. He named it the ‘Control Pause‘ breathing test. Get yourself a clock or stop-watch & try for yourself:

  1. Sitting down, close your mouth and breathe normally through the nose for  30 seconds
  2. Take a normal breath in through your nose
  3. Allow a normal breath out through your nose
  4. Gently close your nose with thumb & forefinger and start to count the seconds on the clock
  5. When you first feel the need to breathe, release the nose and take a breath through the nose
  6. Remember to keep your mouth closed throughout

The number of seconds that elapsed is your Control Pause. Less than 10 seconds, and you have health problems. Less than 25, your health needs attention. 30-40 seconds is satisfactory, while 60+ seconds is excellent.

Todays workout.

We have 9 floors in our building , so we have 12 minutes of stair stomping to do. I’ll do mine in a 10kg weighted vest.

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