DWF: a food diary and a workout with anything you can scramble over

Ive been randomly showing you fairly balanced meals over the last month, just to show you that you can take fairly normal food and put it into quantities and rough ratios that are metabolically good for you you. Your system doesn’t really like being bathed in carb. It wants some, but probably not enough to match your current lust for cakes and donuts!

Everybody seems to start a health eating regime by hoping for exotic food plans. To be a “proper” heath food, it has to be in a weird green shake that tastes disgusting or a mix of obscure foods you cannot pronounce.

Effective healthy eating starts with you looking at what you eat. In many cases you have put your eating on auto pilot. In a busy life, those meetings, those presentations, is it any wonder you give yourself latitude in what you eat. After all, if you put on a bit, you can easily get it off.

Today, Im not going to lecture you, but the wrong food and excess weight can be really bad for you in the long term.I mean, really bad.

To clean up your eating you need to impose some discipline on your food. This can be really tough if you have made an emotional connection with food. If you eat to celebrate and comfort eat, you have a bit of a battle on your hands.

Start as you would at work. I know a lot of people.I know a lot of skilled people. One of the many things they share is, before fixing something, they look at what is happening now.

To fix a problematic diet you simply must record what you currently do. Everything that goes in your mouth, you have to record. These days there are food diary apps, in my day, it was pen and paper, either way you need to look at what you do. Over the weeks, I’ll add little tasks, for now write it all down.

Thankfully I was given this lovely tikka masala chicken. I had 4 blocks of the chicken (28g x 4) and 3 blocks of carb (93g of rice) and some nuts to balance off the fat

Todays workout.

We have these low benches in the square next to us, so it was 15 minute of 10 Box over burpees followed by a 400m run, where the 1st 20 steps are walking lunges.


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