DWF: a morning in the gym and a pasta meal

Today, it looks like I’m in the gym in the morning, so I’ll probably do a basic deadlift, squat and press strength workout. Kate (my beloved) will either join me or go for a jog. Your choice, go to the gym, or go for a run ( or a mono structural cardio activity like a row, or a bike, or a Cross-trainer). btw, do go to the bottom of this post as there is a free kettlebell guide

The food I want to analyse is this spaghetti bolognese .

As a general point, when you decide to blend protein with other stuff ( be it a sauce or tomatoes or whatever), you’ll need to make judgement as how you divide the end product. So this is 255g of protein to be divided among 3 people( the zone block is 28g of beef , so Im slightly over allocating the required 84g to make 3 blocks). I’ve added a pepper, some garlic, some herbs, an onion, a glass of wine. I threw in a block of kidney beans (sorry, I had them, and I accidentally defrosted them). Ive not really counted in, but it is among 3 people. If I start obsessing about a pepper or onion, I think I’m screwed!

When I came to serve, i just divided it into 3 portions!

Here is the killer. Spaghetti is pure carb. To make 3 blocks I put in 36g of dried spaghetti, that I think gives me three blocks of carb.

Knowing how sparse this would be, Ive added some green beans ( and ignored the minimal carb content)

It was a nice meal, although kate demanded a sprinkle of cheese.

Back to the exercise component

I constantly use kettlebells in my morning workouts. This old guide I wrote years ago may be useful. Have it for free!!

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