DWF: breathing tools, Thrusters in the car park and the truth about Keto

If you are going to go on a Keto diet, and then bang on about how great it is, and how you are in ketosis, the very least you can do is to buy some Ketostix, wee on them, and show us that you are “burning fat”.

This is me, not making ketones

Im almost 60 and every time Ive asked someone who is, allegedly, on a Keto diet (and thus “burning ketones”), to do this test, they have failed it. I should say that in my considered opinion, and extensive weight loss experience, most “keto type diets” only work because, by limiting you to protein and fat, it fills you up faster.

Put another way, the secret is you eat less calories than you expend. I dont think there is a metabolic process that changes that basic fact. There are a few water retention, constipation conditions that can make you weigh a bit more, but being full of Sh*t or bloated through water retention are easy spots.

BTW bloating and constipation are not nice conditions.

I totally understand that its a faff to calorie count, but the aim of your early weight loss experience should be to

1) Learn how to calories count

2) Learn how many calories maintain your current weight

3) obviously this means you need to get a scale and a set of cups. You will NOT eye ball your portions effectively , you will over allocate very quickly.

4) obviously you need to write up a food diary as you are the experiment. no scientist does experiments without recording.



ill be talking about breathing mechanics in depth from now on, so I’d like to introduce you to “my little friends”

A capnometer, a Pulse oximeter a peak flow meter

I should warn you that breathing is one of those “evergreen” topics that can often be used by trainers to bullshit you. Ive seen breathing drills for normal healthy athletes escalated into a secret “secret”. As a sports and remedial therapist/ advanced first aider I learned my breathing stuff to help people with asthma and those who panic hyperventilate. The whole field of “you must do this or that with your mouth/nose” , in the normal population, is still sort of news to me. By all means, it’s a worthy experiment, but to push it beyond a few hippy “feel good” drills you need 3 tools to monitor yourself.

  1. A capnometer (to measure your Co2)
  2. a pulse oximeter (to measure your oxygen saturations)
  3. a peak flow meter (lung capacity)

I don’t want to be nasty to the “breath work brigade” but if you want to increase someones ability to use CO2, its easy to prove, if you have the right kit!

Stay tuned!


Todays workout 9 minutes of 5 thrusters 5 strict pull ups

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