DWF: Rest day, a left over lamb curry and a shout out to the vegetarians

Today is a rest day. We have trained the previous 3 days, so day 4 is rest. You get stronger by resting and recovering from training, not training all the time. You only get stronger during the rest!

I had struggled to knock up the evening meal, as I’d run out of most things. I ended up with an onion, a pepper some garlic , some ginger a spoon of coconut milk, 200g of lamb from last night, gravy from last nights lamb, a tin of tomatoes , some curry powder and some bits of frozen chilli, some powdered coriander, and 3 frozen bits of spinach.

This blog isn’t meant to be a detailed cooking blog, just one that nudges you into the possibility of health eating by doing some basic cooking and following zone diet principle and trying to balance 40% carbs, with 30% protein and 30% fat.

But as a rough guide, fry the onions and pepper, garlic and ginger fry them, add a little bit of water add the curry powder, fry it all, throw in everything else and simmer

I have an ongoing battle with heat in curry so after last times “no heat curry” I thought I’d add a bit of chilli in a game of Chilli Roulette. A game that I had lost, so I had to hunt about to drag these bits out!

Now for future recipes I need a vegetarian to send me in some veggie meals that balance carb, protein and fat ( think 7g protein, 9g carb, 1.5g fat x 4). Email me your ideas to andrew@andrewstemler.com and I’ll post them with a big credit to you. See if you can send me photo of it and you .

In fact any good, healthy meals will be welcome !!!

If you crave something physical, it will probably be a good time to remind yourself that even on a rest day, you need 10,000 steps

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