I’ve decided to share as much of my programming as possible, where possible. as I write for clients, I’ll post outlines here. Obviously, this won’t be the total programme as that will include warm-up ideas, mobility,  cardio, mental work, but, I thought, its good to share, even if it’s just a bit. Many of my City of London clients will go on to a 20-minute boxing session, for cardio, stress relief,  but also mental training under pressure.

This programme is basically a good spread of functional, compound movements for the legs, with upper back work for posture, and arm stuff, well, for Saturday night!

I’ll cycle between 5, 10, 15 reps, but be open to the mood and workload of my clients

Day 1

A) lunge plus Bulgarian split squat

B) Pull up 5 sets: some of these are wide grip for back development

Day 2
A) Deadlift:
B)  upper body is bench, bar/dumbbell
C) floor flaps for upper back
D) Dragon flag
 Day 3
A) Squat;
B) upper body building moves ( bicep/tri/shoulders)
C) upper back D/B rows
D) Burpees : ideally, build up to  4 minutes of burpees
So start every minute on the minute, start at say 3-5 a minute for 4 minutes. build week by week

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