Starting the bridge

The reality is that you don’t need a bridge, but, its something you can work on at home, so why wouldn’t you? Im not a fan of bridge training in the gym, as gym time tends to be valuable and there is a lot you should be doing.

If you can improve your flexibility as a break from sitting down and lounging around the house, I think you should.

This this my bridge  on the 31st Jan 2014. In all honesty it has been better in the past. My regime to improve this will be 3 x10 second hold a day.

So, here are the results on 7th February ( same year)

Not brilliant, but, my arms are straight . It shows what can be done in 7 days. Don’t give up!! Most days I tried 3 x 10 seconds. I’ve never counted 1-10 so fast!

I’ll add other drills soon

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