Chia seeds

Well, its all chia seeds now!

29 grams of chia seeds provides up to 42% of your daily recommended fiber,  plus phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids ( which are good btw!). Don’t take my dubious word for it. Look up :

“A dietary pattern including nopal, chia seed, soy protein, and oat reduces serum triglycerides and glucose intolerance in patients with metabolic syndrome” says so (check it out here).

What a read.

But, what this really means is that if you don’t include things like chia seeds and psyllium husks in your diet, you are a bit of a moron.

I should say,  however, that I’d never heard of “nopal” until I read the above  study. It’s a prickly pear cactus, comes from  Mexico and has a high   antioxidant, vitamin, mineral, and fiber content.