I don’t like getting kicked in the bollocks, but there are worse things

Some of you know I teach self-defence: A very violent, nasty,  aggressive, swear word laced, punch fucking hard, self-defence. Preceded of course by not being, or acting like a victim,  with loads of awareness training chucked in.

I’m often told that a kick or knee in the balls is all you need to stop a fight. I need to feedback that in my sparring, door work and bodyguard assignments, I’ve been kicked in the groin several times.

This move didn’t put me down or stop me.

Equally, I’ve never stopped anyone with a kick in the balls. Tactically, I think some people expect it.

I have successfully knocked people out by whacking them on the jaw. It’s like a “night, nighty go to sleep button”.

My conclusion is that I’m not a great fan of ball kicking as a self-defence strategy.