DWF:an English Breakfast and a workout

You have to learn to create manage and know your regular meals. Once a week we have this “fry up”

There is a bit of “rough and tumble” in my zone calculations my 2 eggs are 2 blocks, my 3 rashers of bacon is another block ( although Im going to get an exact gram measurement in the future) my fried bread is 2 blocks of carb and I define my 50g of black pudding as a carb block (9g of carb) and I sort of ignore the bit of protein floating about. After the photo, I sneaked a squirt of tomato ketchup and a cup of tea, so I’m probably unbalancing the block system and having a bit too much carb (so a possible insulin stimulating issuer) but its important that I give you an idea of what people do in the real world.

Im assuming the fried bread sucked up the balancing fat of 4 blocks

At the same time, I don’t mind the occasional 9g of carb mistake. Get your diet ok, not perfect.

Perfect is for losers.


Most people have regular meals. You’ll have a favourite breakfast, or dinner or snack. You may have it everyday, you may, like my breakfast, have it once a week. Here is your task. Put it into block form or, at the least workout its calorie content and how to control that calories/portion size content next time you make it.

Slowly you can build a library of carefully planned meals you can make without stress. Ideally the ingredients can be stored in your freezer, and you take them out the night before. Make it easy, make it doable! Join the mailing list below for future hints, or drop me a line if you need some one to one help Andrew@andrewstemler.com


squats, double unders, lunges and kettlebell swings, oh my !

with a constantly running clock, 3 rounds of

1 minute squats

1 minute double under

1 minute lunge

1 minute kettlebell swing

1 minute rest

x 3

Feel free to only do 30, or 45 seconds out of each work period. Feel free to pick up the kettlebell and use it in the lunges and squats. Enjoy

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