New military fitness test

I should be cock a hoop today.

The functional fitness movement I brought to the UK in 2005 has finally made the military  change its basic fitness tests to some pretty  awesome functional fitness tests,

Read all about  the fantastic crawling, lifting, hauling here. The BBC do a lovely job

They have, of course abandoned the old tests. Gone is  the Cooper test, gone are push ups and pull ups. There are lots of example of basically an aerobic test plus some muscular endurance . Look here 

This in my opinion, as a trainer of 20 ish years is wrong.

The better trainer , takes a regime and adds to it. The poorer trainer throws the baby out with the bath water every time a change is made, they ignore everything they learned before and launches forward with the new stuff.

Why not do the functional fitness test Plus the aerobic tests, plus the muscular endurance tests.

Well, Ive said it.