Smart phones useage mAy be screwing with your health

Maybe this isn’t the headline , or discovery,  of the century , but smart phones could lead to poor forward head posture, poor rounded shoulders and poor breathing.
Now its not as if the phone jumps out of the package and puts you in a combined head lock  and choke hold,  but it might as well: check out this new report “The effect of smartphone usage time on posture and respiratory function” by Jung et al  smart phones and breathing.
The big take home is this “The result of this study showed that prolonged use of smartphones could negatively affect both, posture and respiratory function”.  Wow.  Modern day scientists  are amazing!
What a lovely phone. I wonder why my neck and back hurts and I cannot breath properly anymore
The truth is this. Using your mobile phone now and then, wont hurt you (unless you walk into a lamp post). You can also  sort of ignore those hippy therapists as  poor posture, as such, wont hurt you. We all know people with disgusting posture who have never had a day of  postural pain in their lives.
However, “postural stress” as used in  advanced torture regimes simply takes a bad posture and makes you hold it for hours. The Scavengers Daughter  was device that held you in a stooped posture for hours and was very effective as a torture.
postural stress
As always,  it’s how much “bad”  you take before you start hurting.
Strangely the Backaholic Back Pain management course has a  specific lesson on self  torture techniques. Its sort of bazaar!
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The big warning.
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