My love of wallbars

I think I got to use some wall bars in an early PE lesson, probably 45 years ago. Since then, wall bars were something that stood unused in school gyms.

It was a delight to have Alex Jerrom bring them back into my consciousness. We got a small set for Crossfit London at Bethnal Green E2 and now, almost daily. I try and do something on the wall Bars.

Many people are now discovering that wall bars are an essential part of developing body weight  exercise and gymnastics. Its great to see the Coach Sommer recommends them too.

I see lots of publications making the rounds, pretending to promote new and creative wall bar exercises. Im lucky to be an avid book fan, so rather than fritter a fortune on line on badly researched E-books, I get to go to my library.

I love “Gymnastik Atlas” by  J.G. Thulin. published in 1928. Im going to try and work through the  Wall bar exercises that are scattered throughout this amazing book

Here is  a great Hamstring stretch. It helps develop your pike. Notice how the gymnast has walked his feet as near to his hands as his flexibility can stand. The crouch position takes the stretch off, straightening the leg, puts the stretch back on

wall bar hamstring