Ten healthy eating guidelines

According to most weight loss consultants, there are possibly 10 nutrition rules that you should pay attention to

1. Eat every 2-3 hours.

according to some you need three good meals a day with some snacks in between . The argument is that evens out your blood sugar. Its worth while considering, but I know lots of people who are totally happy with 3 meals a day.

2. Eat lean protein each time you eat.

Eat protein each time you eat. If you have a midmorning snack of an apple, you need a bit of protein as well.( not in the same mouthful, obviously). This is harder than you think

3. Eat vegetables every time you eat.

Begin to believe “its only food if it has a side of vegetables”. Ive never managed this at breakfast: some say a poached egg in spinach is great for breakfast. I doubt it.

4. Moderate refined carbs: .

Treat refined carbs with caution; if you eat lean protein and vegetables, you can probably get away without calorie counting. If like me you need a slice of bread with your breakfast and some potatoes or rice or pasta with an evening meal, that portion needs to be modest, and you need to understand the impact that food, packed full of calories in a way nature didn’t intend, can have. (pasta, bread , cake: all man made evil).

You’ll need weighing and food management skills if you want to use refined carbs in your diet. Your call!

5. You need healthy fats, but you also need caution

There are 3 types of fat – saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated and you need a mix of them all. Your saturated fat should come from your animal products, Your monounsaturated fat should come from mixed nuts, olives, and olive oil. And your polyunsaturated fat should from flaxseed oil, fish oil, and mixed nuts.

You still need to be cautious of the amount of calories in fat sources.

6. Dont drink your calories: or try not to!

obviously your best choices are water and green tea, taken in a hand made bowl while you meditate. A diet free of tea and coffee with sugar and booze is ideal, preferable, and all but impossible for most people. You need to moderate the amount you have and make better choices if possible.

Fruit juice, all fruit juice is simply liquid sugar.

7. Focus on whole foods.

Most of your nutrition should come from whole foods.. Stuff that looks as near as possible to what it lived its short pathetic life as.

8. Have 10% foods.

no one is perfect. Indeed chasing perfection rules and deciding that certain foods ( the ones you want) are bad and then binging if you slip makes most people fail. If you make “less optimal” decisions 10% of the time, you’ll be fine!

9. Design food preparation strategies.

eating healthily is sort of easy if you have all the stuff to hand. It’s a real nightmare if you dive into most local shops and hope to pick up good stuff. Most fast food, is expensive, full of crap and isn’t really good for you. You need to plan in advance (probably carry pre prepared snacks around in Tupperware boxes) and shop with an eye on tomorrow!

10. Healthy food with variety.

Most people actually have a limited range of foods they eat. Certainly breakfast is often the same. For your lunch and evening meals ,sensible variety helps: over a week you can build a meal around the following proteins 1) pork, 2) chicken, 3) eggs, 4) beef, 5) fish 6) a veggie protein.

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