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The older you get the more conscious you become about your health and the need to test to catch things early. At the same time the more people you like, the more you want them to test too so they can hang out with you, and not die in agony!

I’d been struggling to do a prostate test for years, but it seems, with the modern-day doctors that I use, it’s all a bit of a ballache (go in, collect tubes, take them home, bring them back blah blah), so I was delighted to come across the heavily marked Icle test. Basically, you spend £20 on amazon, it arrives the next, you wee on it, and voila you get your result there and then.


This article was going to be a free push for the Icle test, but I thought I’d see what other tests are about, and I came across Urinox-10 (on amazon!!).

Rather than one test for £20, it’s basically one test for 30p. ( you still have to buy 30 for, wait for it, £9.99)

By testing your wee , you get early indications of possible problems.

According to their website this sort of means

A 10-parameter urine test strip such as Urinox-10 by Diagnox tests ten different urine parameters that include:

  1. Leukocytes (for possible inflammation)
  2. Nitrites (for bacteria in urine)
  3. Urobilinogen (for liver health)
  4. Protein (for kidney and urinary tract health)
  5. pH (for acidity and alkalinity of the urine sample)
  6. Blood (for visible and non-visible blood in urine)
  7. Specific Gravity (for hydration status and the body’s ability to conserve water)
  8. Ketones (for diabetes and high-fat/low-carb diets)
  9. Bilirubin (for liver health)
  10. Glucose (for diabetes)

You can get them here. (You’ll notice this isn’t an affiliate link). Each test is individually sealed, so they keep for a while.

If there is a drawback it’s that you need to “dip the strip” rather than just wee on it, so you need a reasonably sized container that you can fill to the right height.

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