Does temperature affect Cholesterol levels

If you start thinking about the function of cholesterol,  it allegedly  (among other things) modulates membrane fluidity over a range of temperatures.

in Habitat temperature is an important determinant of cholesterol contents in copepods where it states “The most consistent trend is the positive relationship between cholesterol content and habitat temperature. Species residing in warmer habitats (e.g. Centropages typicus, Eurytemora affinis) had approximately twice the cholesterol of species living in colder waters (e.g. Calanus glacialis, Euchaeta norvegica). A similar pattern was observed for comparisons of species within genera (Calanus, Acartia and Centropages), with the species abundant at lower latitudes having more cholesterol than the northern congener. These data indicate that habitat temperature is an important determinant of cholesterol content, and cholesterol endows membranes with the stability required for a range of body temperatures”.

Maybe crustations and humans probably  don’t have that much in common.

If you are curious about cholesterol, here is an interesting slide share

Cholesterol Units Converter


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